Who Are We?

Sunnypower (Brand: Muizlux) Was established in 2013, Is one of the top quality Greenhouse indoor gardening and hydroponics grow lights manufacturers and suppliers. With a 10+ Professional R&D Engineers team, Muizlux has a perfect quality assurance system, And a series of products can pass CE, ETL, FDA, RoHS, FCC, and UKCA certifications. It has obtained more than 20+ patents, including core patents of Appearance, software copyright, and other certifications.
All materials are first-class brands at home and abroad, after strict reliability tests, To guarantee our grow lights quality. Muizlux helps our customers to build their own high-quality smart LED grow lights, Hydroponic Grow lights. Horticulture light led Grow Tube light and LED Toplight bar series to all customers worldwide.

◆ 9 Years as a day of unity and stability of the team
◆ 9 Years focus on LED Grow Light research and development, innovation
◆ Conduct quality management in accordance with VDA6.3 process audit
◆ Quality inspection process

◆ Self-Inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection shall be carried out for LED Grow lights
◆ Implement two-level aging screening system to ensure reliability
◆ The first three orders of new products shall be subject to synchronous 48hours quality testing aging control

9 Years Experience
Factory Direct Sales
Quality Guarantee
OEM/ODM Service


Muizlux Greenhouse indoor plant grow lights and hydroponics farming grow lights pass CE, ETL, FDA, RoHS, FCC, and UKCA certifications.
 To guarantee our clients receive top-quality products and get more margins for their business.

Muizlux Service

Sunnypower is the premium manufacturer of a full range of indoor farming, Vertical farming, and hydroponics farming grow lights for Growers, wholesalers, and distributors. With our Top professional R&D engineer team, Production team, and Sales team to service the Value Clients, Support any one-stop service, OEM & ODM Service, etc.


Provide private Products development, Packages and Logo customize Service

Marketing One-Stop Service

Provide an entire range of greenhouse indoor gardening and vertical farming hydroponics products

Technical Support Service

Provide a full range of on sales and after sales technical support service

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