Lighting Solution for Family Growing

Using the Muizlux grow light system, you can easily grow enough greens and microgreens to get a nice daily harvest.

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Grow Food Indoors

The family grow light system is designed for starting seeds for transplanting OR growing smaller plants like lettuces and other greens for indoor harvests.

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Efficient Indoor Planting

High-output lights are twice as bright as standard LEDs and twice as efficient as fluorescents. Supplies light-craving plants like herbs and succulents with all the light they need to flourish.

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Hydroponics Indoor Growing

The Muizlux series enables you to grow your desired plant year-round and is specially made for gardening indoors. Place it in any room in your home such as your closet, basement, guest room.

SH01 Home Garden Light

SH02 Mini Garden Light

SP312 Home Grow Light

SP321 Grow Light with stand

SR01 Led Grow Board

ST Series Grow Tent Kits

Home Garden Grow Lighting

Good indoor grow lighting is not just a matter of savings and efficiency. LED grow lights also produce a higher quality full spectrum of light. It means that your plants can grow from seedling to flower without any other input from the grower!

Grow Anything All Year Around At Any Place

Still worry about no garden, not enough space to grow what you like? This indoor grow garden will be your choice. It is suitable for plants such as pods, basil, cilantro, mint, lavender, etc. The indoor grow garden kit allows you to grow whatever you want in any season at any place.

Dimmable Modes Design

The indoor garden kit provides dimmable modes to adjust the grow light intensity more freely which grow lights effectively supplemented the lack of natural sunlight and promoted the growth of plants at all stages.

Plant Grow Promoter

Special designed full spectrum LED grow light promotes the photosynthesis of most plants, grows better and faster. Providing the necessary spectrum of lights to support indoor gardening plants that maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid natural growth, and abundant harvests.

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