Lighting Solution for Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal cannabis has been increased over the years as people are turning to cannabis as an alternative treatment for a variety of different ailments & illnesses. LED grow lights are considered safe and efficient for use in horticulture & greenhouse operations.

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Improve the Quality of Cannabis Crops

By using a dedicated light recipe for cannabis, plant characteristics can be steered. Muizlux LED grow lights are equipped with a broad-band spectrum suitable for the whole growth cycle from vegetative growth to higher light intensities in bloom and improve the quality.

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High Sustainable Production

Growing cannabis with Muizlux LED grow lights will result in a higher yield per square meter compared to growing cannabis with other light sources. The right light can optimize photosynthesis and flower production and boost your numbers. And it uses the lowest possible energy input and maximum output per watt, minimum water and nutrient use, and a good working environment.

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Commercial Plant Led Grow Light

A highly effective choice for the commercial grower. Infrared light gives the plants a small measure of heat radiation that supports your plant’s growth in many ways.

SL03 Led Greenhouse Lighting

Efficacy up to 3.6μmol/J

SL04 Led Grow Bar

Maximal horizontal light uniformity growth

SL05 Led Grow Light

High reduction in cost per pound

SL06 Led Top Lighting

Uses 50% less energy than HPS lights

SV6 Led Grow Light Bar

Accurate spectrum, High PAR output

SV8 Led Grow Light Bar

Fine-tuned full spectrum for whole growth cycles of cannabis

Grow Lighting Solution for Medicinal Cannabis

Muizlux Grow Lighting broadband full spectrum spanning from violet to infrared with a fine-tuned ratio of each color within can speed the growth cycle and produce greater flower dry weight with more terpenes and a higher concentration of secondary metabolites.

Higher Yields and Better Quality

The spectrum of the LED grow lights can be delicately tuned to generate the desired response of the plants during the whole growing cycle and to optimize the yields in both quantity and quality.

More Led Grow Light and Less Cost

Lower heat generation also allows cultivators to put LED lights in closer proximity to the plants without exposing those plants to excess radiative heat. The long term cost savings combining lower energy cost and less maintenance overheads allows cultivators to focus on plant improvements.

Cannabis Grow Lights Greenhouse Cultivation

Cannabis grow lights are artificial lighting devices that are used to promote the growth of cannabis plants, serving as the sole source of light in indoor cannabis cultivation and as a supplemental lighting source in greenhouse cultivation.

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