The Muizlux SH02 LED Growing system Automatic Timing Smart Indoor Herb Garden is made for those who are busy and don t to have time to take care of plants but want to plant flowers to decorate the indoor space or grow fresh vegetables to pick at any time. You can rest assured whether you are on a business or traveling. Give your plant to our indoor garden plant light, It not only actively provides the required light for the plants but also takes care of the rest time of the plants. The indoor starter kit is ideal for people who have no planting experience, and can also help enlighten children on planting theories. No matter soil culture or hydroponics, this kitchen garden can meet all of your needs and makes indoor gardening easier and happier.
The plant germination light has a built-in smart lighting timer which offers Provides 1-23 hour cycle timing. If you wanna keep 24h on, you don’t choose any timer modes.
10%-100% are available to create a comfortable living environment, meeting the varying needs through the whole growing process from seeding, and blooming to the resulting.
Different combinations of this indoor garden can achieve two planting methods, hydroponics and soil culture, to meet various planting needs. Hydroponic culture is clean and tidy, and soil culture is convenient for cultivation. Different plants choose disparate planting methods. Give your plants one more growth option. Promote your baby plants grow from seeding to mature, from small to big. Just feed them enough light to company them grow faster and better from then on.





Voltage Input

110-240V AC, 50/60 Hz



Thermal Management



Spectrum control、Dimming control &Timing

Spectrum control

Full-cycle Spectrum




1-23 hours(24-hour cycle)

Light Distribution


Max. Ambient Temperature

95°F / 35°C

Mounting Height

6"-12"(15-30cm) Above Canopy

Light output

46.8 μmol/s



IP Rating



36,000 L90


2 year Limited

Muizlux 18W Special designed full spectrum LED grow light promotes the photosynthesis of most plants and grows better and faster. Not only an indoor garden for your plant pots and seed starter kit but also a great decoration indoors such as kitchen, living room, office, etc.
Adapt to Multiple Occasions:
● Kitchen
● Living room
● Bedroom

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