SP312-CO Grow light is made of 192 LED beads and the power is 18W, And has a timing function. It can be timed any time from 00:00 to 23:50 as you want, and it can show the time you set on the display screen as the plant needs, bringing enough but suitable brightness to your plant.

The four head led grow light bar creates the most effective coverage. Each lamp is equipped with four pieces of replaceable COBs, providing you with a more refined LED plant light than other similar products on the market. Our LED grow lamp has 4 switch modes and 10 brightness levels. When growing plants, whether you want to make them grow faster or just supplement their natural sunlight, our LED grow light is perfect for all stages of plant growth. Waterproof design, easy to clean and maintain. Designed with a strong clip, our LED lights can be stably and arbitrarily clamped on anywhere.

MUIZLUX SP312 CO grow light bulbs are replaceable. The plant bulbs are replaceable, so you can replace a new bulb instead of buying a new light when the lifetime of the bulb ends. We at MUIZLUX take your health and safety seriously. That is why we use only Energy Star efficient LED chips in our grow lights. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality lighting products for both professional and home growers. Our grow lights come with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured knowing that we stand behind our products.




Number of the lamp holder


Operating Voltage Input




Timer Mode


Irradiation Angle


Spectrum Patterns

Full-spectrum 380-800nm, Red & Blue Spectrum


0%–100% Stepless Adjusted

Light Distribution


Max. Ambient Temperature

95°F / 35°C

Mounting Height

6"(15CM) Above Canopy



IP Rating



50,000 L70


1 year Limited

Table led grow light uses 6pcs high-power LED lights to simulate the sun, and is able to irradiate about 2-4 times that of traditional grow lights. It is designed to perfectly suit flowers and plants, like tulip, carnation, peony, lily, etc; vegetables like pepper, eggplant, tomato cabbage, lettuce, etc; various succulent plants; indoor garden or indoor potted plants. Its redness light spectrum propagates plant growth stage by stage.

Set up your own farm everywhere you want, such as a bedroom, living room, study, or private garden.