Muizlux SV Series 800W full spectrum led grow lights offer a high-output, high- ppfd, and combined with the power to scale from vegetative growth to higher light intensities in bloom. 8 Bar configuration and IP65 waterproof rate provide complete protection from dust, oil, and water, allowing you to mount this light source in low rooms, on vertical racks, over rolling benches, or even in tents.


【FULL SPECTRUM LED GROW LIGHT】Full-spectrum 3000K- 6500K and 660nm IR 730nm, Infinite close to natural light, it speeds up flowering time and boosts yields, achieving maximum quality and quantity. It is best for all plants at all stages of growth. This can save energy and costs.

【 HIGH-PERFORMANCE 】 This LED grow light bar is ready to help you make the most of your garden. It has a total output of 2060-2240 μmol/s, meaning it will provide ample light for any indoor growing space. Featuring a system efficacy of up to 2.6 μmol/s at the center and 2.9 μmol/s on the sides, this light has been designed to ensure even coverage throughout its footprint area.

【ENERGY SAVING & EASY HVAC】Save up to 40% energy and 40% less HVAC requirement with this LED light bar that fits your needs. It’s perfect for Cannabis greenhouse, Indoor farming, Hydroponic farming, Vertical farming, etc.

【DAISY CHAIN CONTROL SYSTEMS】 Daisy chain the LED grow light bar to control multiple tubes of light. With a knob-based dimming function, you can set the ideal intensity at any stage of plant growth for optimal photosynthesis activation. Wireless control is optional.

 Model SV8-RO
Dimension 1100*1080*60MM
LED Chips LM301B+Osram highly efficient SMD LEDs
Voltage Input 120-277V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power 800W
Light Distribution 120°
Mounting Height ≥ 6”-24” (15cm-60cm) Above Canopy
Light output 2160-2240 μmol/s
Efficacy 2.86 μmol/J
IP Rating IP65
Lifetime  36,000 L90
Warranty 3 Year limited


The unique function of Muizlux SV8 Grow LED foldable plant light benefits growers in many different fields. The products are mainly suitable for:
•Fruit vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers;
•Leafy greens and herbs: lettuce and basil;
•Soft fruit: strawberries;
•Floriculture: Flowers, potted plants, annuals, and perennials
Reproduction of flowers and vegetables;
•Economic plant: hemp plantation.

Vegetables & Fruits
Improve the quality, consistency, and yield of vegetables and fruits, year-round with finely-tuned light recipes. LED grow lights supply the spectrum and intensity that crops need without adding extra heat.

Leafy greens and herbs
●Low energy consumption and power draw eliminating the need for expensive configuration of the facility s electrical panel;
●A long operational lifetime with low fixture replacement costs;
●Minimal radiative heat enabling better utilization of layered growing space;
●Flexibility to use a light spectrum tailored to optimize growing conditions and produce a better end product.

Medicinal cannabis

Medicinal cannabis should be grown with the use of LED light which increases your yield per square meter when compared to other lighting systems. LED lights are great for improving photosynthesis and flower production, as well as optimizing energy input, water and nutrient consumption, and the working environment.

Achieve higher productivity and better-tasting crops when you grow herbs indoors with Muizlux LED grow lights. Whether you produce basil, microgreens, or edible flowers in a greenhouse or vertical farming facility Our custom LED light recipes enable growers to get excellent color, shape, and taste that make their products stand out.