Grow Lights for Seedlings Microgreens

Grow lights are incredibly useful to prevent leggy seedlings and grow the most healthy, successful plants. The ample light provided by grow lights will keep seedlings short, stocky, and strong.

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Grow Led Tube For Seedling Microgreens

Grow Light can keep houseplants happy and healthy, grow microgreens, or even to provide supplemental light inside a greenhouse. Better Energy-savings up to 75%, grow the better seedling with less cost.

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Using a Grow Light to Start Seeds Indoors

Thinking about growing some herbs or veggies? Starting them from seed is a great choice but it’s super hard without an LED or at least some form of grow light. LED grow light are powerful, energy-efficient and long-lasting. They also have low heat outputs, making them ideal for indoor farming.

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Led Grow Light for Seedling Indoor

Muizlux Grow lights are an incredibly useful tool for growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers from seed indoors. You can also use grow lights to keep houseplants happy and healthy, grow microgreens, or even to provide supplemental light inside a greenhouse. Plants rely on ample bright light to photosynthesize and live, after all.

SG01 LED Grow Tube

Full Spectrum Sunlight Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

SG02 Led Grow Tube

T8 Full Spectrum Hanging Grow Light

SG03 Led Grow Tube

T8 Integrated Bulb+Fixture Plant Lights

SM01 Indoor Seed Starting Grow Lights

Super Bright and High PPFD

SM02 Indoor Seed Starting Grow Lights

IP65 High PPFD and energy saving

SM03 Indoor Seed Starting Grow Lights

3.2µmol/J Integrated Plant Light

Solutions for Indoor Farm

Muizlux offers focused product solutions for growers. The products are engineered in-house and then tested in real-world applications by professional cultivators as well as verified by independent, third-party labs for quality and yield.

Efficient Production of High Quantities of Plants on a Small Area

A superior light spectrum allows, not only for higher crop yields but also for lower intensities and less energy consumed for cooling too. Muizlux’s LED grow lights fixture helps you to produce a perfect harvest all year round.

A Greater Flavor and Nutrient Build-Up

The spectrum of Muizlux led grow lights has been optimized for vertical farming. Its unique red:far-red ratio delays flowering allowing the plant to focus all its energy on fast biomass development. Additionally, it has been found to produce more yield in a trial on lettuce, than the competitor LED product.

New Design for Indoor Farming

LED lighting has a lifespan up to 5 times longer than traditional light sources, so replacement costs will be greatly reduced. The special optical design of Muizlux LED production modules minimizes light loss and ensures a uniform distribution of light across the entire planting level, resulting in better and more stable plant quality and more predictable yields.

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