Lighting Solutions For Vegetables and Fruits

Muizlux LED grow lights were designed with a well-developed full-spectrum and dimming function, to require a maximum simulation of natural sunlight, and to control light intensity conveniently for different vegetables and fruits, making them the right choice for your indoor grow.

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Grow Vegetables Indoors

With a special design, Muizlux led grow lights series provides supplemental sunlight to vegetable cultivation without blocking natural sunlight and provides a strong illumination after sunsets as the sole lighting to support your plants.

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Growing Fruit Year-Round

Using LED lights for growing fruit enables you to grow the fruits all year round. Muizlux’s fixtures can create the perfect growing conditions for your fruit. An optimal light recipe and intensity provide a smooth red color of the fruits and consistently high brix values, which are used to measure the sweetness and taste.

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Grow Lamps For Indoor Plants

Muizlux led grow light takes a huge leap in LED technology by allowing farmers to customize the lighting spectrum, intensity, and duration of light to achieve their desired plant yields.

SM01 LED Grow Tube

Private Mold design, Top quality led lighting

SM02 Linear Led Grow Light

Quality Aluminum Plant UV IR Led Grow Light Bar

SG01 T8 LED Grow Light

Low heat dissipation, Up to 75% energy saving compared to fluorescent lighting

SG02 LED Grow Lamp

T8 Grow Light Tube for Plants ideal for research facilities

SG03 Grow Lamp Lighting

Productive solution for multilayer systems used to grow lettuce and leafy greens

SW01 Interplant Grow Lamp

Side fill light, double-sided lighting design

High Sustainable Production

Using the hybrid lighting system of Muizlux grow lights, crops can increase their yields by absorbing more efficient light. Especially in winter, this type of supplemental light provides better growing conditions for plants. The growth of crops can be well regulated even in summer.

Lighting solution for Vegetables

Muizlux led grow light has the solution for leafy vegetables grown under glass, like lettuce, basil, and microgreens. The taste is better and the quality of the vegetables stays consistent.

Grow Lighting for Tomatoes Cucumbers

For tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and peppers, the yield can be increased by using LED lighting. Muizlux linear LED grows lights can be used for high-wire crops.

Growing Strawberries Year Round

Using LED lights for growing strawberries enables you to grow the fruits all year round. The consistent temperature during the whole day will benefit the growing performance of the plants.

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