Lighting Solution for Vertical Farming

With a deep understanding of vertical farming from 10 years of worldwide projects experience, Muizlux’s vertical farming LED lighting solutions deliver all the proven benefits of LED technology as a complete solution.

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Better Spectrum for Vertical Farming

The broad-spectra treatments clearly outperformed narrow ones, implying the addition of other colors, like green and yellow, or full-spectrum lights, produce a stronger yield than dual-colored blue and red lights.

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Vertical Farming Technology

Vertical farming is an increasingly popular technique of producing crops indoors in a vertical setting. A vertical system involves the cultivation of crops in controlled environments, where every parameter affecting their growth is closely monitored and tailored to their needs.

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Grow Lights for Vertical Farming

Muizlux is keeping leveraging innovative vertical farming LED lights for vertical farming facilities. They are ideal for propagating young plants, cultivating leafy greens, herbs, and fruits, and developing new designs.

SG01 T8 Grow Tube

Eco-friendly LED Lighting to Improve color, shape, and taste

SM03 Led Grow Light Bar

Custom light recipe to fit your crop and situation

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SD01 Led Grow Light Module

Vertical production systems recipe to fit your crops

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SD02 Led Grow Light Module

Indoor growing hydroponic systems

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SD03 Led Grow Light Module

Greehouse vertical growing racks for vegetables

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SD04 Led Grow Light Module

Quality Vertical growing systems for indoor plants

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Grow Lighting Solution for Medicinal Cannabis

Muizlux Grow Lighting broadband full spectrum spanning from violet to infrared with a fine-tuned ratio of each color within can speed the growth cycle and produce greater flower dry weight with more terpenes and a higher concentration of secondary metabolites.

Indoor Farm Predictable Growth

Fresh produce all year round with no disease, climate or pesticide worries.

Higher Yield for Vertical Farming

Muizlux offers a range of LED vertical farming lighting to help the growers achieve higher yields on a smaller footprint and steer unique properties of crops, like enhanced flavor, nutritional value, and shelf life.

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Specific growth recipes for enhanced flavor, nutritional value and shelf life.

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